Пълна версия: web design standards
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Websites are the most important services provided by the World Wide Web, which is defined as a set of web pages containing a set of files, topics, and images, interconnected and stored on a web server.

Where companies specialized in the field of websites buy this electronic space, and spend money on it to harness it to serve their interests, and websites may vary between governmental, commercial, personal, charitable, service, entertainment, search engines and social. communication Web-sites.

It is used by many individuals in order to achieve some interest like material gain for example, so it is important that the site is well designed and attract many internet surfers to it.

Website Design Standards
Determine the audience of the site, such as certain age groups, a certain gender (male, female), or people who specialize in a particular field. Provide feedback in order to encourage the public to express their opinions on the various issues raised by the site. Define site goals

TRANSLATED FROM:نصائح يجب اتباعها عند تصميم بروفايل الشركة

It should be clear and measurable. Determine the content of the site. Choose spaced colors for both the text and the background, avoid the use of grid-style backgrounds, so that the design floor does not prevent reading the site's content, avoid constantly changing colors, and choose a color palette that is safe for site visitors to use.

Work on coordinating the size and shape of the letters in the text, avoiding the use of italics that are difficult to read, as well as not placing lines under words, as this may lead to confusion between them and links, in addition. Useless long texts should be avoided.

Use consistent, simple and appropriate shapes and designs. The clarity of the images displayed on the website. It facilitates site navigation and information access by placing browsing links in a clear and easily accessible place.

Mark the title of the page, by placing it in a place visible to the user, and when the user moves from one page to another, the color of the page link must be changed, so that the user can see which page he is on. Ensure that website pages are designed harmoniously

Where the user can distinguish the pages of this site from the pages of other sites. Taking into account the speed and ease of loading the site. The need to arrange the information on the pages of the site according to its importance to the audience.

How do websites work?
Using an HTML Editor: This system works by providing easy and short ways to edit and reformat HTML pages.

Using HTML: It is the programming language on the Internet, and is specialized in drafting electronic pages through the use of abstract texts. Use WYSIWYG and FrontPage because these programs enable the user to browse the Internet.